Welcome to Myrcia s.l.

All Neotropical Myrtaceae except Tepualia belong to the exclusively fleshy fruited tribe Myrteae (sensu Wilson et al., 2005). Myrteae can be divided into nine informal groups (Lucas et al., 2007). One of these groups, Myrcia s.l. is defined by its foliaceous cotyledons and soft seed coat combined with bi- or trilocular ovaries containing two ovules and inflorescences usually in panicles. Myrcia s.l. itself can be divided into subgeneric groups (Lucas et al., 2011).

This scratchpad was mostly populated by Chrissy Wilson (college based sandwich student 2011-12) but is in constant development by the Myrtaceae team at RBGKew to gradually classify all accepted species of Myrcia s.l. into one of ten subgeneric sections (Lucas et al. (2018). Kew bulletin, 73(1), 9.). The scratchpad currently has an emphasis on the c.110 species of Myrcia sect. Aulomyrcia (O. Berg) Griseb (see also Lucas et al., 2016). The scratchpad provides type images and protologues of those species, or links to those available online, in a single place. It is hoped that once publicised it will be a resource used and populated by any interested researcher.

Update - January 2019

Myrcia 'sections' are now published and open access here https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12225-017-9730-5 [Lucas et al. (2018). Kew bulletin, 73(1), 9.). Only those of 'sect. Aulomyrcia' have images and links. Species placement is actively being updated and we hope resources can be found in the future to extend information coverage to all species of Myrcia. Please contact the scratchpad editors if you have queries. We gratefully acknowledge the support and assistance of all herbaria consulted for this work and for permission to image type specimens.

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